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About Us

Our story begins in town of Titel, Republic of Serbia, when we decided to plant trees named Paulownia on our land in 2017. Since then, we have had different ages of wood. Every year there is a new planting and every planting has its name and the year when it is planted which you can see in the picture gallery which is on our site.
Paulownia is a woody plant named after Anna Pavlovna, daughter of the Russian emperor Paul I. It is a woody plant from the family Scrophulariaceae.
There are a dozen known species of Paulownia, as well as a number of hybrids. They are all native to China and have been grown for over 3000 years. The most current variety of Paulownia is Shan Tong.
Paulownia was created to meet the growing market need for quality trees. Paulownia, like wood, has a fine structure and a smooth surface. For its stability, Paulownia wood is considered to be “ALUMINUM” among wood species. Paulownia wood is used as a valuable wood for furniture, musical instruments, in the construction of boats and aircraft, as well as in many other fields.


Paulownia is a genus of seven to 17 species (depending on taxonomic authority) of flowering plants in the family Paulowniaceae, in the order Lamiales. They are present in much of China, south to northern Laos and Vietnam and are long cultivated elsewhere in eastern Asia, notably in Japan and Korea where they are native.